If you are looking for a reliable metalworking company, our family-owned business, LUR Kovo Zacpálek, is here for you. Metal processing has been our livelihood and mission since 1996. Our father founded the company, and we, two brothers, continue his legacy with a clear goal in mind: to have a company that values tradition but is open to innovation. That’s why our relationships with clients are built on these principles and trust. We have also maintained excellent long-term relationships with our employees, the core of which consists of women. Our employees constantly educate themselves and undergo training in new technologies to continuously improve metal production and push the boundaries of the industry.

We persevered through the recent COVID-19 crisis, which significantly impacted our company. We take pride in the resilience and determination of our employees to remain in the metalworking industry despite challenging circumstances and keep the family business, LUR Kovo Zacpálek, together. Our current focus in metal production is primarily on the processing of stainless steel contacts, components for lighting technology, and stainless steel castings for sanitary technology. We manufacture products for engineering, electrical engineering, construction, and the food industry. You can find components or parts from our metal production in products not only in the Czech Republic but also worldwide.

We also work on a “turnkey” delivery basis, where we handle everything from price quotes, technological processes, and engineering documentation to the actual production of stamping tools, including sample testing and serial production of castings. Commonly used materials include both soft and hard steel, stainless steel, copper alloys, and aluminum alloys. We provide surface treatment according to your preferences.

Our main partners and customers include:

  • OSRAM Bruntál
  • Hutterer u. Lechner
  • Státní vojenský opravárenský závod VOP 026 Šternberk
  • Mora Moravia – manufacturer of gas and electric stoves
  • WANZL spol. s r.o.
  • Alca plast Břeclav, Ravak Brno – orders in stainless steel and brass
  • Mora Moravia – manufacturer of gas and electric stoves
  • Železárny a drátovny Bohumín ŽDB
  • BMW – production of orders for one year for the German automotive company BMW

We are a family-owned company – LUR Kovo Zacpálek s.r.o. – specializing in metal production. We handle everything from drawings, samples, to serial castings. We process stainless steel contacts, castings for sanitary engineering, or components for lighting technology. All this using both soft and hard steel, stainless steel, as well as copper and aluminum alloys.